Department of Chemistry, Biochemistry and Environmental Protection, in the past known as the Institute for Chemistry, originates from the Chair of Chemistry founded in 1961 at the Faculty of Philosophy. Today it is a part of the Faculty of Science along with four other departments. The Department of Chemistry, Biochemistry and Environmental Protection is responsible for teaching and scientific research work in all areas of chemistry, biochemistry and environmental protection, as well as translating scientific-research results into practice.

It unfolds its work within seven sections:

The department possesses well equipped research laboratories which serve as the basis for research work of the department which also realizes itself through a number of national and international projects. Our department has the best equipped chemical library in Vojvodina and there is a reading room and a computer section which are at the disposal of students throughout the day. The whole set up is aiming to facilitate knowledge through research work, through lectures and the application of acquired knowledge. However, time spent during studies should not only be remembered for its lectures, exams and grades, but also for socializing with peers here and around the world, to which end student exchange programmers with university centres around the world are being organized. Since the academic year 2008/09 the department is working on the accreditation of its curriculums.

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