Each and every of us has a responsibility for his/her decision, and one of the most important crossroads in life is certainly the enrolment to university.
Why should your choice be CHEMISTRY, BIOCHEMISTRY AND THE ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION? There are many reasons, and some of them are for sure also topics on your mind.

  • I want to be a versatile chemist.
  • I want to be a good chemistry teacher.
  • I would like to gain an integrated knowledge in chemistry, biochemistry and biomedicine.
  • I like challenges, one of them being to independently solve different experimental chemical problems.
  • I would like to live in a healthy environment and to safeguard the environment from pollution.
  • I would like to give priority to quality control, because I know how important it is for the safeguarding of the environment.
  • I would like to learn current analytical techniques aiming to analyze samples of the environment in a more comprehensive way (water, air, ground).

A CHEMIST can work in chemical laboratories in all branches of industries (chemical, petroleum, pharmaceutical, rubber, textile etc.), as well as in developmental scientific-research laboratories.

A BIOCHEMIST can work in scientific institutes, but also in clinical, development and control laboratories of the pharmaceutical, chemical and food industry.

 A CHEMIST OF QUALITY CONTROL AND MANAGING OF EVIRONMENT can work in laboratories which are carrying out analyses and quality control, as well as in laboratories for monitoring, as well as in teams that are engaged in establishing systems for managing the living environment.

AN ANALYST OF ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION can work in laboratories which are dealing with analyses and quality control, as well as in laboratories for monitoring, developmental and scientific-research laboratories as well as in teams for development, consulting firms and NGOs for environmental protection and education of the population.

After the completion of the undergraduate ( basic) studies of chemistry, biochemistry and environmental protection one can enrol to academic studies and after that to PhD studies.

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