Poziv za posao za hemičare i biohemičare kompanije Planet System Group (PSG)

Planet System Group (PSG), traži profil hemičara ili biohemičara koji su završili master i dobro vladaju engleskim jezikom. 

Zainteresovani treba da se jave Nataliji Vujović; e-mail adresa:
natalija.vujovic@planetsg.com  ili na telefon:  0631190811.

Tekst poziva: As far as science background is concerned, any background in Chemistry or Biochemistry would suffice. A PhD is not required, but of course would be an additional benefit if someone with a PhD is available.

Anticipated tasks include:
Publication fraud investigations

Review investigative materials  and determine next steps Collaborate with Editorial Development point-of-contact to facilitate author outreach
Review author responses (via Editorial Development) and determine next steps.

Follow up via email with relevant contacts when due dates have passed.
Manage information in main tracking spreadsheet,

Provide status updates as requested.
Attend meetings as needed.