PhD studies in Slovenia

There are available two scholarships for PhD studies.The research topic for the PhD program will be on one of these topics: 1) Photo/electrochemical waste water treatment, 2) electrocatalytic hydrogen production; 3) electrocatalytic ammonia production; 4) Photo/Electrocatalytic methods for synthesis of value added chemicals. The topics are interdisciplinary (materials science, chemistry and nanotechnology). The student/s will have chance to work with state of the art machines like TEM, SEM, XRD, TGA, MS, and electrochemistry equipment.

The student must be good trained and has good/excellent marks including good English language competence.
The requirements for the students are:
1. Completed master degree in chemistry or materials science.
2. Citizen of West Balkan country
3. Good marks during the master level. English proficiency (no need TOEFL marks).
4. The candidate is younger than 27 years (not older than 28 years by 1.10.2020).

 The studentship is equal 700 EUR/month (living costs) + 3000 EUR/yearly (tuition fee). The scholarship is sufficient to cover the costs for stay and leaving. The tuition fees for the university are also covered. The study at PhD level in Slovenia is 4 years.

For more details please contact dr Aleksandra Tubić (