PhD position

The Jožef Stefan Institute (Ljubljana, Slovenia) is seeking for an applicant for a PhD programme and a research position employment in the field of materials research with exotic electrical and magnetic properties. The work will involve research with an atomic force microscope (AFM), which can be used to determine various properties of materials at the nanoscale. Using this method, we can investigate the electrical, magnetic, thermal and mechanical properties of bulk materials in the nano areas as well as nanomaterials, e.g. nanorods, nanowires and nanoplates. The candidate will work in the laboratory for atomic force microscopy, with the support of the mentor Prof. Dr. Hana Uršič Nemevšek ( No prior knowledge is required, the candidate will learn everything at the institute.

The prerequisite is a completed Master’s degree in a natural or technical science. The Master’s degree must be completed by the end of August 2024 at the latest. The work will take place under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Hana Uršič Nemevšek ( at the “Jožef Stefan” Institute. The research work is carried out in collaboration with foreign researchers around the Europe. If you are interested in a doctorate and working at the institute, please write to me at Employment is possible immediately or anytime until the beginning of the new academic year.