To be a student at the University of Novi Sad, means to study in a city where the tradition dates back to 1960. A unique student’s campus in our country but also not easily to be found abroad, makes our university very unique. Almost all universities are located in one place which provides a special touch to studying and the socialising amongst the students.

The University of Novi Sad is comprised of 14 faculties, out of which 9 faculties are located in Novi Sad, and 7 out of those are located in a beautiful setting of the University campus in the neighbourhood Liman 1. It is easily accessible, by taking the well known public transportation bus number „4” from the train station, by taxi or by taking a walk through lovely Novi Sad. The University campus is close to the city centre on the one side and the Danube on the other. It is well connected with public transportation (buses) with all city neighbourhoods. There are very cheap monthly public transport cards for students which are valid for the whole city and as many rides as desired. There are a variety of quality activities available for students, so that this part of life is always fondly remembered.

As part of the University campus, in addition to the faculty, there are two student dorms, a central library, student restaurants, the Institute for student’s health care, sport and recreational activities and many student associations.

In addition to two student dorms, which are nearby the faculties, there are six more student dorms which have been renovated or newly built to allow students coming from other cities to have comfortable living conditions. The prices are rather low and are around 1.100,00 Serbian dinars for the highest category.

There is also a possibility for private accommodation and catering.

And there is much more…..

This is why we are looking forward to have you as part of the University of Novi Sad and to be proud that you were also part and have grown as part of a big family with a tradition known of worldwide.

Student’s center NOVI SAD


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